FAU-G (Fearless And United – Guards) New Game Launch in India 2021.

FAU-G (Fearless And United – Guards) New Game Launch in India 2021.

       Fau-G New Game Launch In India 2021. FAU-G Game Superb Graphics more than thinking. Only some problems with controls. Only moving left, right, rev, forward. Cross-moving controls are poor. Please improve it. Then Fau-g is best in all games. All over game is nice. Waiting for battle royal. 

I want to give answers to other countries’ games and some of my friends. So please improve the controls of the game. Game control se hath ko thodi si takalif hoti hai. Bas vo Ek chiz. Baki hamare Indian Fau g game developer s par Vishwas hai. Wo baki sub smajdar hai. The game Is Good but needs some big improvements… 



1. sprint Option should be available 

2. Fight option should be enhanced 

3. More weapons needed. 

4. More aggressiveness. 

5. During a fighting player should have been allowed to hit the opponent he wants. The overall game is good. Sardar Ji punching Chinese in the whole game.


According to my, it’s a nice start and I would like to play it. But you have to add on some more features like battle royal, jump button, vehicles, etc. So, Not only Indians I want each and every country should play this game as we all use to play COD and PUB-G. Start working on it too. Don’t be satisfied with this much. 

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I will also give you more ideas. Congratulations!! And I don’t want any other country to be the shareholder. Remember, that it was made to grow our country, not for others. The story is good… And I want to add one thing that…when PUBG was not that popular it was as same as FAU-G only there was not much difference. 


It had taken years for PUBG to be on top. It is my humble request that doesn’t uninstall the game just play and give your feedback. Cuz maybe in upcoming years FAU-G would get much better than PUBG!!! RESPECT FOR INDIAN ARMY JAI HIND…


FAU – G game to be launched across the country today, more than 3 a million pre-registrations have been done. The PUB-G game came to a halt after India-China relations deteriorated and India banned Chinese games and apps.  Now an Indian version of such a game is coming into the market.  Counting has started for the launch of the FAU-G game in India.  


FAU – G is a Made in India game designed exclusively for mobile devices and will be launched on January 3.  There is a lot of excitement among the fans about the game which is going to be launched on Republic Day.  The trailer of the game was also launched a while back.  Punjabi dialogues were heard in this trailer. 


 Importantly, FAU-G is being seen as an option for PUBG Mobile games.  The developer of FAU-G, nCore, informed that this game has got more than 3 million pre-registrations on Google Play Store.



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